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SkinCentives GLAMOUROUS Plan:  $89 Per Month: Laser hair removal (face, including lip or chin, front and back of neck or underarms), micro-dermabrasion, Tween facial, Oxygeneo hydrating facial, acne facial, Dermaplane, B12 vitamin shots, MIC shots (3). Extras: 50% off additional services and $50 Birthday gift card, 10% discount on skincare products

SkinCentives RADIANT Plan: $189 Per Month: Everything in Glamourous Plan plus additional laser hair removal areas (bikini line, face, back, upper or lower legs), facial skin tightening, MicroPen, Fotofacial, Chemical peels: TCA, Salycilic and Glycolic. Extras: 50% off additional services, $50 Birthday gift card, 10% discount on skincare products, 10% off facial injectables

SkinCentives FLAWLESS Package: $289 Per Month: Everything in Glamourous & Radiant Plans plus additional laser hair removal areas (back, lower legs, chest, full bikini), Venus Viva, Zerona slimming laser, (3) DOT C02 laser treatments (eye or mouth), Apollo body contouring, cellulite treatment, bio-identical hormone pellet therapy.  Extras: 50% off additional services, $50 Birthday gift card, 20% off skincare products, 20% off facial injectables

Pre-Pay Your Full-Year Membership in Advance and Receive 10% Off Your Plan! Ask us for Details!

Program rules and restrictions apply. Attend an evaluation at SKINTASTIC to receive full program details. Skincentives is a Trademark of SKINTASTIC; This savings program is only available at SKINTASTIC Plano and Dallas Uptown, Texas locations.

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